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We offer high-quality raw wood transportation with professional skill.
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Heikki Tukiainen Oy is a transport company specializing in timber transport. Heikki Tukiainen Oy is already in its third generation. The company was founded by Unto Tukiainen in 1952. After Unto, business operations were continued by Heikki Tukiainen, who piloted the company from 1974 until 2011. The current entrepreneur brothers Timo and Antti want to cherish their father's and grandfather's traditions and the values ​​of family entrepreneurship also in today's operations. 


Current entrepreneurs Timo and Antti Tukiainen have been entrepreneurs since 2011. Transport operations are carried out in Finland with four timber trucks and in Germany with one truck.

In addition to the entrepreneurial brothers, we currently employ nine professional drivers and one part-time office worker.

Contact information:
Timo Tukiainen
0400 671 824 

Antti Tukiainen
040 828 0772 

Office contact:

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